Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thumbs up

Up date on Molly's upset tummy after l had put the oils on she didn't vomit any more but slept for a good 3 hours during the day. Then woke up great, but wow did she have a pooie nappy this morning. Now eating great too. So that is a thumbs up for On Guard and digitizing.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

New Start

I have recently started using DoTerra Essential Oils. So l thought to my self l should make notes about what l use, how much, what for, what the outcome is and so on. So I can look back on it for a reference. May be help people and my family on their way to a healthy living.

What l am using so far -

  • Lavender -  put 1 drop on the bottom of the kids feet at night for a calm sleep
  • Deep Blue - had some samples used on hubby's bad back 
  • Slim and Sassy - added 8 drops to 20oz of water in a glass bottle 2 times a day to help in wight lost
  • On Guard / Digitizing - put 1 drop of each on feet of baby and 1 drop of Digitizing mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on tummy for upset tummy.
  • Frankincense - mixed with coconut oil with 2 drops of frankincense for face cream morning and night
I will report next week on how it went.
I you would like samples of any of this email me here
Or jump right in go here